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Jim Cable (pSemi) & Herb Huang (Ningbo Semi) Honored for Pioneering RF-SOI Work
Posted date : Nov 18, 2019

The SOI Industry Consortium awarded two luminaries of the semiconductor industry for pioneering advances in RF-SOI, a technology now found in all

Peregrine in volume shipping of UltraCMOS® 60 GHz RF SOI Switches
Posted date : Mar 24, 2017

Peregrine announces volume shipping of their UltraCMOS® 60 GHz RF SOI switches featuring fast switching, high isolation, low insertion loss and

New Chips and Design Wins for RF-SOI Pioneer Peregrine Semi
Posted date : Apr 29, 2016

From RF-SOI pioneer Peregrine Semi comes a steady stream of new chips and design wins. News include: Two UltraCMOS® MPAC–Doherty produ

RF-SOI – Foundries Weigh In On New 300mm Wafers for 4G/LTE-A, 5G and IoT. Plus a Look at the Innovation Pipeline – Part 2 of 2
Posted date : Mar 23, 2016

As you may have read in the first part of this series, Soitec (the industry's leading supplier of SOI wafers) says its 200mm RF-SOI wafers have b

China Design Conference (April 2016) Adds RF-SOI Design Track
Posted date : Mar 18, 2016

EDI CON China 2016, taking place April 19-21 in Beijing at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) will feature a keynote talk by GlobalFound

Latest RF-SOI Chip from Peregrine targets wired broadband apps
Posted date : Feb 12, 2016

Peregrine Semiconductor’s new 75-ohm glitch-less RF digital step attenuator, the UltraCMOS® PE4314, is ideal for wired broadband applications

RF-SOI Pioneer Peregrine Introduces New RF Digital Phase Shifter
Posted date : Dec 22, 2015

Peregrine Semiconductor’s new UltraCMOS® PE44820 is an 8-bit digital phase shifter that delivers exceptional phase accuracy and high linearit

RF-SOI vs. FD-SOI with RF – What’s the difference?
Posted date : Oct 28, 2015

Is RF-SOI the same thing as RF on FD-SOI? No, it's not. However, the runaway success of RF-SOI and the growing list of recent announcements relat

Peregrine Semi Introduces Industry’s First 300mm RF-SOI Platform
Posted date : Jul 14, 2015

RF-SOI champion Peregrine Semiconductor has introduced the industry’s first 300mm RF-SOI technology. Dubbed UltraCMOS® 11, it is built on Glob

Latest Peregrine RF-SOI University webinar addresses Linearity
Posted date : May 29, 2015

RF-SOI specialist Peregrine continues to expand its “SOI University” series of webinars (click here to see the full offering), which has been